Unterstützung für Savu

Within those years we have also successfully raised the total amount of 4,744 EUR.

The entire money was handed over to Pastor Franz Lackner Mission and the Drink Water Well Project on Sabu Island, Indonesia.

Additional donations and initiatives include:

@rotaryinternational Rotary / @bluetomato Blue Tomato

@theboardbrothers Boardbrothers

Methods, equipment & materials for digging wells to support vegetable growing & clean drinking water 

o Concrete rings for the walls of the drinking water well

o Jackhammer, Chainsaw & Rock drill for well construction

o 4 Howard Mendel Water filters

o 50 high quality scythes to the farmers of Sabu

o Vetiver 1,500 slips

Education & Health for students & people on Sabu

o Improved facilities in the hostels for students.

o Yearly living costs & school fees for 60 students

o Computers & Printer

o Cooker & Solara power 

o Medication and anything else needed for the villages around Sabu

o Clothes, shoes, towels, blankets, mosquito nets, rice cookers… etc.

Transportation by the SAMA SAMA 

o Goods, equipment and passengers (to reach medical care, etc.) #donations #refillbottle #reducewaste #localsupport #sabuisland #rotary #bluetomato #thebalicamp #samsamasboattrips #surfersbottleproject #boardbrothers #wastemanagement #bybyplasticbags #greenschoolbali #gogreen @samasamaboattrips @thebalicamp @bluetomato @rotaryinternational @theboardbrothers


Even small changes can make a big impact!

We are happy & proud to announce that by now more than 2,420 Surfer’s Bottle are in use. Purchased by our guests, customers, employees and friends starting 2009 when we first launched this project!

Here are the facts which are impressive:

At least one Surfer’s Bottle is replacing 15 single used plastic bottles during a 10 days stay! That means by now this project has reduced 2,832kg of plastic waste!